Friday, September 29, 2006

Hi , I am back. Sorry for not responding for a long time. Firstly, I was busy with my trial - examination and when I tried to update this blog , I accidentally deleted my article. Well , the examination was a total chaos. I really hope that I will pass this examination with flying colors. So , people out there , Please pray for my very best. I truly appreciate your effort.

Now , I recently saw something interesting in the front -page of a major daily newspaper. I saw a picture of our Prime minister , Dato Seri Abdullah shaking a friendly hand gesture with President of The United States. According to the daily , He met the latter at an international Conference in Cuba. They also discussed about current issues especially regarding US-led so called War On Terror . I would like to say that this war on terror was a failure . The US caused a lot of unnecessary suffering in countries in Iraq and Afghanistan . No to mention the suffering of people in Palestine . So , I actually applaud our Prime Minister for his effort in meeting with President and explaining his view and stand regarding the matters ebony .
This is important as our prime minister is a very prominent Third- world leader which he inherited from our former prime minister. He is the President of organization of Islamic countries and the out-going chairman for the Non- alleged moment. It is really wonderful that he actually made the point to meet the President and to get some positive feet backs on issues especially regarding the Palestine. I wish to express my deepest sympathy on the suffering of the people of Palestine . I wish their fighting for their land will be over soon and a MoU could be established between them and the Jews .

Other than there aren't anything interesting happening(such as war , suffering , coup ,murder) in the local front , Which I am very gratefully for . I hope this harmony and political stability will last forever . May vision 2020 be a reality.