Friday, October 24, 2008


Check this Out :
We do not need a racial crisis


Read this in STAR NEWSPAPER READER's VIEW section. Applause to the STAR publications for publishing it!!
This piece of article was sent one Star Newspaper readers ...which I believe a true MALAYSIAN , whom belong to the Bangsa MAlaYsia!! I believe it truly speaks for the slient majority.....a Lat's version of Malaysia.

Everybody can easily play a part to form a LAT's version of Malaysia by juz being one. Again , Mahatma Gandhi's quote apply here as well. Together we shall strive for this ......and LAT's Malaysia. We as individual have the power to change. All this might sound rather cliche not cool but we have to continue to harp on this LAt's Malaysia. Then only this idea will at least continue to exist.As mention ealier , everybody have to play a part.

We have to address this issue now. Ignorance is not a bliss and procratination is definately not solution. It will definately get worst before it get better , but that is the law of nature.

This another chapter that MAlaysia will need to go through , but at the end of the day , Malaysia shall shine with glory and pride. Shining Shimering untill the whole world will stand and salute us.

Therefore , no point we try suppress this .....suppresion will cause things to blow out of proportion sume day. Wanna end this my quoting Marina Mahathir ;

Wise leaders should know that when people are united by a common cause in their heads, it is very hard to dislodge this idea. Banning something or an organisation will not change their minds.

In the 50s, once the idea of independence had lodged in the heads of the people of Malaya, it was very hard to get rid of it.
The road to independence became inevitable and whatever was in people’s heads soon translated into legal papers.

Marina Mahathir in 'Musings' Entitled banning won't solve anything' ! The STAR Wednesday October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Grand Finale

sOUTH AUStralian mATRICULAtion is coming to end. One month for know , i shall be sitting down in my comforts of my home and do not need to worry about homework. waiting eager for that moment.

will i ever miss SAM ??? No !!! Not in this lifetime .

Will i miss taylorz?? Yes!!
Taylors University College , Main Campus was great experiance. It was like a dream come true to be here. being part of the middle upper class of K-Hell. the Social experiance was great....pity my friends whom never bother to mix around.
And not to mention ...those preety gurlz who lurk every corner of taylorz. Pity the juniors whom could not get to know me!! especially the gurlz. only god knows wat they have missed!!
at this point , i would like highlight a saying , " do not judge the book by its cover ".

Back to REALITY !!
latest news :
Got my Forecast to day . Got 2 A's and 3 B's. Got B's in accounting , economics and english. suprisingly got A for spec maths and maths studies. for accounts and econs , counting on highest level of divine intervention so that i could get 'A' ( esp for accounts) and econs. English...aisshhh...i got no comment....the fault was mine...ignorant. but then again SAM english is not language , it was about analyze information. To my mum....please, do nt quit ur job ( for the info : my mum teach English).
Regardless , will do my best in finals ( no other option ). Juz want that TER and land my butt in one of the group of eight in australia. therefore
, need to fix my shattered ego ASAP , need all the confidence i can get. Warning : anyone whom try to demoralize me.....juz watch out .....u buggers get a piece of my mind.

Frankly , my trials and forecast was not that bad ( an attempt to fix my shattered ego) . Did get above average for all the subject except English(out of all the subject: why english???? my mum have a concreate reason to disown me.) Will boost ESL. tactical plan : will play safe this time , no elements of being radical
. Simple language , short sentence , cut and dry! no more showing off with my vocabulary.

Econs. was a giant leap for C in mid year to a solid B for trials. Thankz to my cousin. And suprise ...suprise econs lecture wrote this on the paper , " Was expecting more than this ". Not bad , she actually had high expectation. No wander coz minus all the unneccasry mistake , i would easily got 75% above. back to the expectation part , was quite suprise with that remark. that shows that i got potential . Lesson learn : read the question carefully , disect the essay question and draft before answering. Also must increase speed in part A , to buy time for my essays.

Maths ....should have did all those past years...regardless was well done....
spec maths and accounts , could have did much better

Lastly , wanna take this oppurtunity to wish all Happy DEEPAVALI !! May the light of diwali guide me towards all the right answers in all the subjects in SAM finals

regards ,
Mr. Amazing of J6
SAM cohort July 07/08

Thursday, October 16, 2008



We are not addressing the fundamental cause for the cause of the indian being backward..

......mahatma gandhi

the quote above...the best way to describe what i and a lot of my indian friends have always thoought. we , indian are going the wrong direction. worst , the attention have been diverted , we know reach the level whereby we have convince ourself that we are heading the right direction.
We need to emphasize on the providing every indian the best available access to education. we should improve our education fundamentals before harping on equal rights...etc.. I firm beliver that equal rights the least important.

Our so called representative(political entities) not addressing this issue of education. Building an university which later charge market rate fees does not justify anything. Same goes when an indian scholar sent to UK or australia at the expense of another 3 indian which would have able to enrol in medicine locally using the same amount. the list goes on and on...

Its is important also to know tht every indian has a part to play. We must blame ourselves. We elect our repsentive. We let them use the '
championing indian rights'motto for no better reason. Whenever an inteclectual indian stand up and voice out , we make a mockery out of him....worst we dismissed him/her.

Instead we opt for the more atriculate to stand up . Even thought we are clearly aware that tht person has his own personal agenda.
As time flies , another indian is born into these country witout the financial gurantee that she or he able to attend university and pursue her/his interest.

Lets us examine the facts....those facts supposed to be so obvious but now he remains as an subtle and ambigous element in our life.!!

1. Why we need 1700 temples for only 3 million Indians in Malaysia?Its does not makes sense, but we still continue build temple and fight for it.

2. We only have 450 Tamil schools in Malaysia and its getting lesser.

3. Every Fridays, temples in the cities earn minimum of $500 ($2000 per month), no electricity bill, and no water bill.

4. Tamil school - $50 per child per year, electricity bill, water bill, teacher's salary and maintenances every month.

5. Most temples in cities are renovated, air conditioned, and own a beautiful wedding hall.

6. Tamil school was build in 1970's still the same, with broken table and chairs, spoiled fan and lights, buku pinaman torned, bad environment for student and teachers. I have not seen 1 Tamil school with air conditioned except the HM room, if you know 1 please let me know. I will salute the person who builds it.

7. $2 million Batu Caves Lord Muruga Statue build by Indians with donation money by Indian people, $10 million minimum was spend every year for praying on Thaipusam by devotes (this is the reason i say the Devotees are worse ignorant person).

8. Why blame government for not allocation fund for Tamil school (is it logic), why can't we just pay $1 for praying and $9 for Tamil School?

9. $200 minimum spend by Indian Alcoholicans on every weekend for clubbing and entertainment.

10. Run away or ignore when ask for donation of $5 for Tamil School.

11. In every Indian house there will be TV, HI-FI Radio, CD/DVD player and the classic Astro. They have watched the all the latest Tamil movie even it's not out in theater yet.

12. Their children will be in buku pinjaman, no revision book, never or maybe once been to bookstore, never encourage for piano class, violin class, swimming, even language class other than those offered in school. And no computer with reason can't afford to have

1.These are some of the issue that we ignore and still doing it. As some of you have considered Tamil Education is a waste of time, for the rest of Indians; are we still going to ignore it or make a change?

Please don't forget that in the 80's, Chinese schools and Tamil Schools was in same level as Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan. There were more students in Tamil School and the infrastructure was the same.But today, look at Chinese Schools and compare it with out Tamil Schools, (sigh). Please take note that Chinese Schools most of it are 100% non-government support. As we all already know our government trying to the level best to abolish these 2 schools, they dream are coming true for Tamil Schools but not for Chinese Schools.

If you really really have 2 minutes, just have a look at 1 of Chinese Schools near by your house in the morning or after school.You can see their parents will be waiting in their Mercedes, BMW, Toyota , Honda and even motorbike to pick their kids from school back home.

I have never ever seen any Indian parents with their Mercedes or Toyota waiting for their kids outside Tamil School . Maybe there is as we can't see them

Lastly , Ignorance is NOT a BLISS!!!

This is social awareness message by the Gajan Global Initiative!!