Friday, September 29, 2006

Hi , I am back. Sorry for not responding for a long time. Firstly, I was busy with my trial - examination and when I tried to update this blog , I accidentally deleted my article. Well , the examination was a total chaos. I really hope that I will pass this examination with flying colors. So , people out there , Please pray for my very best. I truly appreciate your effort.

Now , I recently saw something interesting in the front -page of a major daily newspaper. I saw a picture of our Prime minister , Dato Seri Abdullah shaking a friendly hand gesture with President of The United States. According to the daily , He met the latter at an international Conference in Cuba. They also discussed about current issues especially regarding US-led so called War On Terror . I would like to say that this war on terror was a failure . The US caused a lot of unnecessary suffering in countries in Iraq and Afghanistan . No to mention the suffering of people in Palestine . So , I actually applaud our Prime Minister for his effort in meeting with President and explaining his view and stand regarding the matters ebony .
This is important as our prime minister is a very prominent Third- world leader which he inherited from our former prime minister. He is the President of organization of Islamic countries and the out-going chairman for the Non- alleged moment. It is really wonderful that he actually made the point to meet the President and to get some positive feet backs on issues especially regarding the Palestine. I wish to express my deepest sympathy on the suffering of the people of Palestine . I wish their fighting for their land will be over soon and a MoU could be established between them and the Jews .

Other than there aren't anything interesting happening(such as war , suffering , coup ,murder) in the local front , Which I am very gratefully for . I hope this harmony and political stability will last forever . May vision 2020 be a reality.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ladies and gentleman ,

We are experiencing a full scale and world wide chaos . Innocent people are suffering in countries like afgnanistan , SriLanka , Lebanon and the worst of all in Palestine . and this is because of lackadaisical attitude of the world most person , The president of the United States, George Bush and not to forget his allies . Now for my personal opinon , I sincerely think that he has a serious mental disorder ,Bushinson. The symptoms for this disorder is that afraid of a situation of peace and tranquility and obsession in creating total chaos. I believe that Mr. President should focus his attention to further developing his country , ensuring a better healyh care for his people and reducing the U.S deficit which is already accumulated to a whopping 3 Billion dollars.

TO be continued ................................................

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today is the 4th of July which is the independence day for the United States of America. And today is the day I would also remember as the first time in my blogging days that yet to come . This is my first step to my indulgement in the of website log or more commonly known as the "blog" . This is HISTORY IN THE MAKING and as the saying goes " A journey of thousand mile begin with a single step".

ladies and gentleman, presenting to you the new member of the world of blogs , " GAJAN'S BLOG"

Now i would like to express my hope that this blog will be the best blog in the blogging society. I hope to expess my opinion and views on any issues. This is my window to the world. May I mantain the momentum in making this blog a medium in chanelling my views and opinions.hopefully this noble intentions will gather some attention in the blog-ging comunity.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

gajan the return