Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Finally the verdict will be out soon. It has only been three months but it seems like an eternity , but the wait will over , good bye for all those countless nightmares about about my results.The result will be out on monday and i have spent a considerable amount of time in those run down buses in order to reach the MRSM LENGGONG which I did miss during my three month holiday.

Now , my last hope would that I would pass my SPM 06 with flying colors or in other more practical terms - all 1A's in all eleven subjects . Hopefully recent news about a malay girl in batu pahat that achieve 19 1A's in her recent SPM would be a good indication or hints that the Malaysian Examination Council has increased the number of straight A's in the country. I urge anybody reading this to pray whole heartedly for the best of all of us in the SPM o6.

May god bless all of us with HIS grace on the D-day !