Tuesday, June 24, 2008

malaysian public to be privatize??

finally ..i finish my investigative study of mine. its been almost a year since i started on it.. taylorz should made us finish it last years itself ...instead they made us cramp it this year..

it ended with a 10 minute presentation which include Q&A session and "discussion session". unfortunately my team mates who attended the presentation fail to see to importance and magnitude of my presentation...thatz so typical not critical minded. was too dam enthusiastic for the discussion part untill they ask qusetion so obvious and kinda lame...scholars...wat can i say about them?? they are not critical minded and does not voice up....especially the fellow jpa scholars in my class. its high time we get little bit enthusiastic in our search for knowledge. they fail to cherish every moment in taylorz college. some of them ...evan resort to do mock discussion where she/he give out question to her/his fellow team which is too be asked during the discussion. hello ??? the discusion is supposed to be impromtu!!! and did not we spend months on our investigativr study!

anyway , i need to pass SAM with flying colors and get into the cream of the crop universities...need the highest degree of divine intervention for that...god please!!