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Read this article that again for so obvious but remain subtle among Malaysians especially the so called people that champion of Malaysia's New Working Underclass that only can claim the leftovers of a ever shrinking (economic) pie.

No words can better describe the current condition the Malaysia's New Working Underclass then a quote by John Buckhardt whom authored "The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy"

In the Middle Ages both sides of human consciousness – that which was turned within as that which was turned without – lay dreaming or half awake beneath a common veil. The veil was woven of faith, illusion, and childish prepossession, through which the world and history were seen clad in strange hues.[53]

Here is the link that enlightining piece that made me write cum copy& paste this posting:


For the god's sake , every passer by with some amount of curiosity should open it.

Snippets from the article (with me giving my two cents worth) :

He should exercise some degree of statesmanship by stepping aside and letting the party and its delegates decide on the next rung of leadership without any influence by him. That would open up the avenue for new talent ( he is talking about me..gajan amazingly...hahahaha)to come up within the party.

..............this considerably reduces its chances of winning back the Indian votes they lost in the general election in a dramatic turn when an estimated 85% support from the community in previous elections turned to 85%(whooaa..the Malaysia's New Working Underclass as Malaysia's New King Maker)disapproval instead.

(silent majority speaking up)

The _-_-_ (Please fill in the blanks) was powerless to prevent an influx of cheap foreign labour into estates, which directly impacted the hundreds of thousands of Indian plantation workers who were pushed out of their green ghettoes to become squatters in towns
( "The New Working Underclass of Malaysia"....comimg slumps nationwide)

'- A true Machievillian - '
He that 'shall not be named', to concentrate power on himself, traded the two Cabinet positions the --- traditionally held for one full minister and two deputies, making him the only representative of of The New Working Underclass of Malaysia in the Cabinet
(Spoilers of "The New Working Underclass of Malaysia" courtesymalaysianindiancinemaspoiler.xom)

On some counts at least, there are serious doubts. That would mean 'he that shall not be named' could win the election even if he did not enjoy support from the majority of party members, simply because delegates could vote differently from the wishes of members(Democracy In Action???).

On another account , We all know the main reason(guess ur selflah) why Europe manage to get out of its ' Dark Age' and be the world's greatest collonial power( now....history lessons).Here is quote by Randolph Starn that maybe could spark some amount of inteligence in our brain especially that part that control our logic and rational thinking.

Rather than a period with definitive beginnings and endings and consistent content in between, the Renaissance can be (and occasionally has been) seen as a movement of practices and ideas to which specific groups and identifiable persons variously responded in different times and places. It would be in this sense a network of diverse, sometimes converging, sometimes conflicting cultures, not a single, time-bound culture.[11]
—Randolph Starn

If that did not spark any neurons : maybe this will:

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it

Commonsense is the realised sense of proportion

For me every ruler is alien that defies public opinion

-Quotation from Mahatma Gandhi-

However all effort will be futile to eblighten the New Working Underclass of Malaysia if certain parties try to manipulate it by blowing it out of proportion for malicious reason. It is important to maintain our composure and not to be too emotionall.

Food(yum-yum) for thought: More Ghandinian's quotes

Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.

And lastly :
Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts

I know, to banish anger altogether from one's breast is a difficult task. It cannot be achieved through pure personal effort. It can be done only by God's grace.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Check this Out :
We do not need a racial crisis


Read this in STAR NEWSPAPER READER's VIEW section. Applause to the STAR publications for publishing it!!
This piece of article was sent one Star Newspaper readers ...which I believe a true MALAYSIAN , whom belong to the Bangsa MAlaYsia!! I believe it truly speaks for the slient majority.....a Lat's version of Malaysia.

Everybody can easily play a part to form a LAT's version of Malaysia by juz being one. Again , Mahatma Gandhi's quote apply here as well. Together we shall strive for this ......and LAT's Malaysia. We as individual have the power to change. All this might sound rather cliche not cool but we have to continue to harp on this LAt's Malaysia. Then only this idea will at least continue to exist.As mention ealier , everybody have to play a part.

We have to address this issue now. Ignorance is not a bliss and procratination is definately not solution. It will definately get worst before it get better , but that is the law of nature.

This another chapter that MAlaysia will need to go through , but at the end of the day , Malaysia shall shine with glory and pride. Shining Shimering untill the whole world will stand and salute us.

Therefore , no point we try suppress this .....suppresion will cause things to blow out of proportion sume day. Wanna end this my quoting Marina Mahathir ;

Wise leaders should know that when people are united by a common cause in their heads, it is very hard to dislodge this idea. Banning something or an organisation will not change their minds.

In the 50s, once the idea of independence had lodged in the heads of the people of Malaya, it was very hard to get rid of it.
The road to independence became inevitable and whatever was in people’s heads soon translated into legal papers.

Marina Mahathir in 'Musings' Entitled banning won't solve anything' ! The STAR Wednesday October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Grand Finale

sOUTH AUStralian mATRICULAtion is coming to end. One month for know , i shall be sitting down in my comforts of my home and do not need to worry about homework. waiting eager for that moment.

will i ever miss SAM ??? No !!! Not in this lifetime .

Will i miss taylorz?? Yes!!
Taylors University College , Main Campus was great experiance. It was like a dream come true to be here. being part of the middle upper class of K-Hell. the Social experiance was great....pity my friends whom never bother to mix around.
And not to mention ...those preety gurlz who lurk every corner of taylorz. Pity the juniors whom could not get to know me!! especially the gurlz. only god knows wat they have missed!!
at this point , i would like highlight a saying , " do not judge the book by its cover ".

Back to REALITY !!
latest news :
Got my Forecast to day . Got 2 A's and 3 B's. Got B's in accounting , economics and english. suprisingly got A for spec maths and maths studies. for accounts and econs , counting on highest level of divine intervention so that i could get 'A' ( esp for accounts) and econs. English...aisshhh...i got no comment....the fault was mine...ignorant. but then again SAM english is not language , it was about analyze information. To my mum....please, do nt quit ur job ( for the info : my mum teach English).
Regardless , will do my best in finals ( no other option ). Juz want that TER and land my butt in one of the group of eight in australia. therefore
, need to fix my shattered ego ASAP , need all the confidence i can get. Warning : anyone whom try to demoralize me.....juz watch out .....u buggers get a piece of my mind.

Frankly , my trials and forecast was not that bad ( an attempt to fix my shattered ego) . Did get above average for all the subject except English(out of all the subject: why english???? my mum have a concreate reason to disown me.) Will boost ESL. tactical plan : will play safe this time , no elements of being radical
. Simple language , short sentence , cut and dry! no more showing off with my vocabulary.

Econs. was a giant leap for C in mid year to a solid B for trials. Thankz to my cousin. And suprise ...suprise econs lecture wrote this on the paper , " Was expecting more than this ". Not bad , she actually had high expectation. No wander coz minus all the unneccasry mistake , i would easily got 75% above. back to the expectation part , was quite suprise with that remark. that shows that i got potential . Lesson learn : read the question carefully , disect the essay question and draft before answering. Also must increase speed in part A , to buy time for my essays.

Maths ....should have did all those past years...regardless was well done....
spec maths and accounts , could have did much better

Lastly , wanna take this oppurtunity to wish all Happy DEEPAVALI !! May the light of diwali guide me towards all the right answers in all the subjects in SAM finals

regards ,
Mr. Amazing of J6
SAM cohort July 07/08

Thursday, October 16, 2008



We are not addressing the fundamental cause for the cause of the indian being backward..

......mahatma gandhi

the quote above...the best way to describe what i and a lot of my indian friends have always thoought. we , indian are going the wrong direction. worst , the attention have been diverted , we know reach the level whereby we have convince ourself that we are heading the right direction.
We need to emphasize on the providing every indian the best available access to education. we should improve our education fundamentals before harping on equal rights...etc.. I firm beliver that equal rights the least important.

Our so called representative(political entities) not addressing this issue of education. Building an university which later charge market rate fees does not justify anything. Same goes when an indian scholar sent to UK or australia at the expense of another 3 indian which would have able to enrol in medicine locally using the same amount. the list goes on and on...

Its is important also to know tht every indian has a part to play. We must blame ourselves. We elect our repsentive. We let them use the '
championing indian rights'motto for no better reason. Whenever an inteclectual indian stand up and voice out , we make a mockery out of him....worst we dismissed him/her.

Instead we opt for the more atriculate to stand up . Even thought we are clearly aware that tht person has his own personal agenda.
As time flies , another indian is born into these country witout the financial gurantee that she or he able to attend university and pursue her/his interest.

Lets us examine the facts....those facts supposed to be so obvious but now he remains as an subtle and ambigous element in our life.!!

1. Why we need 1700 temples for only 3 million Indians in Malaysia?Its does not makes sense, but we still continue build temple and fight for it.

2. We only have 450 Tamil schools in Malaysia and its getting lesser.

3. Every Fridays, temples in the cities earn minimum of $500 ($2000 per month), no electricity bill, and no water bill.

4. Tamil school - $50 per child per year, electricity bill, water bill, teacher's salary and maintenances every month.

5. Most temples in cities are renovated, air conditioned, and own a beautiful wedding hall.

6. Tamil school was build in 1970's still the same, with broken table and chairs, spoiled fan and lights, buku pinaman torned, bad environment for student and teachers. I have not seen 1 Tamil school with air conditioned except the HM room, if you know 1 please let me know. I will salute the person who builds it.

7. $2 million Batu Caves Lord Muruga Statue build by Indians with donation money by Indian people, $10 million minimum was spend every year for praying on Thaipusam by devotes (this is the reason i say the Devotees are worse ignorant person).

8. Why blame government for not allocation fund for Tamil school (is it logic), why can't we just pay $1 for praying and $9 for Tamil School?

9. $200 minimum spend by Indian Alcoholicans on every weekend for clubbing and entertainment.

10. Run away or ignore when ask for donation of $5 for Tamil School.

11. In every Indian house there will be TV, HI-FI Radio, CD/DVD player and the classic Astro. They have watched the all the latest Tamil movie even it's not out in theater yet.

12. Their children will be in buku pinjaman, no revision book, never or maybe once been to bookstore, never encourage for piano class, violin class, swimming, even language class other than those offered in school. And no computer with reason can't afford to have

1.These are some of the issue that we ignore and still doing it. As some of you have considered Tamil Education is a waste of time, for the rest of Indians; are we still going to ignore it or make a change?

Please don't forget that in the 80's, Chinese schools and Tamil Schools was in same level as Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan. There were more students in Tamil School and the infrastructure was the same.But today, look at Chinese Schools and compare it with out Tamil Schools, (sigh). Please take note that Chinese Schools most of it are 100% non-government support. As we all already know our government trying to the level best to abolish these 2 schools, they dream are coming true for Tamil Schools but not for Chinese Schools.

If you really really have 2 minutes, just have a look at 1 of Chinese Schools near by your house in the morning or after school.You can see their parents will be waiting in their Mercedes, BMW, Toyota , Honda and even motorbike to pick their kids from school back home.

I have never ever seen any Indian parents with their Mercedes or Toyota waiting for their kids outside Tamil School . Maybe there is as we can't see them

Lastly , Ignorance is NOT a BLISS!!!

This is social awareness message by the Gajan Global Initiative!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

To InfernitY and BeYond

yeah...its the much aticipated Raya break. to all fellows out there selamat hari raya!!! To illi , jehan , fara ....have a blast !!

and the break also mark the end of trials. it was a week long painstaking trials week....godness its over. but it was doable at least , anticipated much much harder question ( too much hype about trials being very hard).handle the stress by terrozing illi and the geng ....yeah also blasting off music on my ears whenever i feel anxious(kan cheong) or pulpitation! But for spec maths , had to forgo some question. regardless , final will be after one month( after the break)...finals will be from Nov 3 to 18(itz kinda spread out). Prom nite would on the nite of 18th.the last subject , accounts also on 18th. then ,

After Nov 18th , it will be a long break....would be a stressfull one as patiently await final TER result. hopefully , it will give boost on my current all time low status quo...haisshh..who thought accoutancy and humanities would be that difficult. took up this becoz of the scholarship....employment....well , even the best plans can go wronng. Nevertheless, will not give up..keeping momentum high. and tactical plan have changed....its is war!!! for those who think they making a mark in my life....for the wrong out!!! IT IS payback time... no matter how ridiculous cum idiot cum blur i look , i am the most resillient of steel heart.

Plan B ----- if all this fail or went wrong-----i will start all over again and emerge more successfull then ever. It is never game over for gAjAn....will rise from the debris of failure for the ultimate pay back. I have went through this before....and have emegere victorious...!! from a kid with learning difficulities to a scholar. it was long journey also lent credence how i am capable to rise for the debris of watever failure...reach for the star furthest away!!! wanna take this oppurtunity to pay a tribute for my mom who stand behing me at all times....through thick and thin..

i have my life under control . with a plan B whenever a slightest change in any of the variables...
I have statement to make....I WILL RISE AND SHINE!! no matter what. with each will propel me to greater heights..

bty , in case anybody wandering...i have not screw up SAM yet...still hanging there.. i am nowhere near failure.. juz that expectation was too high. trials turn out to be fine. those stuff above is meant to sent out the obvious in the most subtle way to those out there....whether they have malicious intention or not.

wanna end this with a quote from Niccolo Machiavelli :

I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.

Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.

g A j A n AmazinglY

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my two cents worth

1st of all , some 'malaysian healthcare' blog plagarize my article about privatization of malaysian healthcare....i did not know about it...untill i accidentally found it. wanna say that the person who own tht blog shld have acctually ask. kinda curious ...who own that damn blog...and whether he part of some organization or something.... got here rumours tht government will conduct a review this december to evaluate whether we wanna privatize our healhcare or not or put it on hold. but , the government would be bonkers to embark in such move especially after the rise in oil price......

anyway...lets think about this.... why not we continue subsidize our education and our healthcare fully. then we make all students in the country to sit for one pre-uni exam which is STPM. and stop sending students to overseas and sent them all to ourt own public university....we could make uni.'s malaysia top in the region at least... actually , malaysians are the smartest people in this region... ok , next we revamp the tax system. we introduce GST or goods and service tax , increase the income tax bracket and also company tax except for SMEs. coz petronas profit show that if they fail to find any petrol well to dig...malaysian become net importer of oil by simple solution to our woes in the country. we also shld focus our attention i selected sports like badminton , bowling , swiming and gymnastics only....yeah and skuash too....

juz thought about all of those above suddenly...even bought it up during econs class...ironically , i am the person who failed my econs recently. we study aussie econs...which good coz we know how they do their stuff...i.e manage thier economy. for these reasons , JPA continue to sponsor student to overseas( ok...i contradicting wat i said above) becoz they wanna some selected Malaysians to learn for the best(like sending me to aussie , then contribute to the country. is part of achieving vision 2020....malaysia fully developed by december 2020. its a good idea....but we running out of time. as a developed country(2020) , we also must have world class graduate and university. look at singapore , they are developed country , and they do not send students for degree to overseas , at least in bulks. anyway , if compare aussie and malaysia from economic vantage point , sure better to live in malaysia. at least , here we do nt have petrol tax , our income tax bracket also not awfully high as them. and our education ( at least primart and secondary) and our healthcare also better then them. coz every malaysian get access to cheap bt high quality healtcare. but there is always room for improvement.

the main reason for these that we had good leader like tunku , tun abdul razak , tun hussein , tun mahathir .....and also premier abdullah ( in fact he is bapa kebebasan bersuara).... juz look at zimbabwe...and its only president thus far , robert mugabe. he is worst dictactor. one thing for sure , its high time we learn some sense of being gratefull to watever we have. and kebebasan bersuara does nt mean u question stuff that can shake the fundamental of racial unity in this country . no matter what....we have coexist for 50 years already....must learn to give and take. its for the well being of all of us.and sometimes we have to reliase the fact tht ignorance is in fact a bliss...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

malaysian public to be privatize??

finally ..i finish my investigative study of mine. its been almost a year since i started on it.. taylorz should made us finish it last years itself ...instead they made us cramp it this year..

it ended with a 10 minute presentation which include Q&A session and "discussion session". unfortunately my team mates who attended the presentation fail to see to importance and magnitude of my presentation...thatz so typical not critical minded. was too dam enthusiastic for the discussion part untill they ask qusetion so obvious and kinda lame...scholars...wat can i say about them?? they are not critical minded and does not voice up....especially the fellow jpa scholars in my class. its high time we get little bit enthusiastic in our search for knowledge. they fail to cherish every moment in taylorz college. some of them ...evan resort to do mock discussion where she/he give out question to her/his fellow team which is too be asked during the discussion. hello ??? the discusion is supposed to be impromtu!!! and did not we spend months on our investigativr study!

anyway , i need to pass SAM with flying colors and get into the cream of the crop universities...need the highest degree of divine intervention for that...god please!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

privatization of malaysian healthcare

wanna contribute my two-cents too...

juz finish submiting my investigative study report for English , phew wat a relief . that thing have been a pain in my neck because i had my exams and i have to hand in by today..the thing is that my ESL teacher gave unsatisfactory marks for my 1st draft. so , had to do major revamp on the report....

the report looks into the viability of a privatized healthcare. THe focus question is should or should not Malaysia privatize its healthcare?? at first , i kinda agree that maybe we should privatized it because then maybe it can address all the ills of our current system..

but then , while looking through reports , studies , thesis papers ; i found that it would distratous to engage in a massive overhaul such privatization. It seems that it would be imprudent to rush into privatization because it might jeorpardize our current system. The present ills of our healthcare could simply be addressed with minor reforms and more commitment from those buggers who run the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of education(blame the Moe for poor quality of doctors).

First of all , our present public healthcare system is lauded as one of the best in the world and here is the catch , It is also one of the cheapest in the world when compared to other countries in the world. Ok , the best indicator is to measure the proportionate spending on healthcare against the GDP of the country. Based on the world health report , malaysia's proportionate spending is currently 3.8% of our GDP( 2003).it is one of the lowest in the world. Countries like India spent spent 4.9% of their GDP on healthcare , china 5.5% , Mexico 6% , USA 14% of their GDP and UK 7%. This below the level recommend by WHO which is 5% of the GDP and below world average of 7.9%!

Furthermore , government share on healthcare expenditure is 58% with the rest by private sector. Therefore , government spending on healthcare is around 2.21% ( 2003) of the total GDP.

Therefore , it can be concluded that our healthcare is seriously underfunded. But the fact remains that our healthcare is one of the best in the world . Like 90% of the population is within 3km of nearest health facility and our high mortality rate suggest that healthcare deserved all the credit it get. so , a simple solution to address all the current woes and ills our healthcare would simply increase its allocation!!!

Based on all of the above , u people must be wondering how the idea of healthcare privatization managed to surfaced... Ok it was first highlighted in the 7th Malaysian Plan ( 1996 -2000 )

the Government will gradually reduce its role in the provision of health services and increase its regulatory and enforcement functions. A health financial scheme to meet health care costs will also be implemented. However, for the low income group, access to health services will be assured through assistance from the government” .

The government then cited reason such as exodus of government doctor to private sector and reduce government's burden of financing the public healthcare. Would like explain the latter , the government will introduce National Health Fund as part of the privatization whereby it would like extra tax but solely marked for health purpose ( contribution by all employee would be compulsory like our current EPF)and it would be single payee for all health service. The mechanism of the fund and coverage of the fund have still not being decided yet. But , this alleviate the burden of financing the healthcare from the government. OK , would like to add that USA's healthcare is also privatized , but it consumed 14% of the GDP and on top of it it deprived 500 million of access to healthcare.

The exodus of doctor to private sector could be prevented by offering better pay to doctors , specialists and nurse. Increase allocation to MOH and doctor get paid simple. Instead government choose to spent billions to fund our affirmative action policy( like allocation to MARA , scholarships such as JPA , MARA ). Would like to highlight the millions gone in sending scholars to do medic in country like UK , Ireland( at cost of 1.1 million per person) who never bother to even pay back the whole sum ( or even half of it) and let alone come back to serve malaysians.

Then again , as for now government has privatized to branch of our public healthcare system such as the Hospital Support Service ( cleaners , maintanance ) and also the Government Medical Store( the one that supply drugs to hospital ) .

The privatization Government Medical Store to Remedi Pharmaseuticals ( now run 75% of distribution of drugs) for example ; shows an increase 0f 3.3 FOLD( compared to pre-privatization) in prices of drugs without any proper justification (such as inflation , increase of cost of production). this backed by a study by USM and University Sedaya. The study even question the reason of privatizing the GMS in the 1st place. since government still subsidize the system , we do nt really see the impact of this(yet). and who is paying for this,...the rakyat tax moneylah!!! also interesthing to point out that Remedi do enjoy some form of personal connection with the rulling party( cronisym again !!)

thatz for now....would come up with part two ...if i got time...
citation : and those stuff above are backed by WHO data or Government making it up

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Minister of Health in action

thatz my cousin ( that indian lady , dr.shamini)....the one behind that chinese man ( thatz our Health minister , Dato Lioa Tiong Lai) who is checking some patients forehead.

hopefully the new minister will put an end to all our healthcare woes. though i alwayz thought dato chua soi leck( former health minister) was the best.

but , have no idea why he is checking the patient's forehead. maybe trying to project a

caring health minister.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

8th March 2008

08/03/08 a new dawn ...a new beginning...ambiga sreenivasan( president bar council)

yeah...its Malaysia's 12Th election...5o years after nationhood! For the 1st time , the Barisan National have been denied their 2/3 majority in the Parliament. 5 seats went under the opposition coalition ( PKR , DAP and PAS) which is Penang , Selangor , Kedah , Perak and kelantan . This is history in the making!!!

1st of all , i would like to take my stand that i am neither pro opposition or pro government. I am writing for the sake that i want to remember this historic moment.

I would like to quote ambiga sreenivasant (Bar council president) which she highlighted the fact that the election result reflects the political maturity of Malaysia after 50 years. She meant that it is purely norm to the government to lead by simple majority and we set a very high bar for Barisan National to win 2/3 of Parliament. She definitely got a point there. So, to all barisan national hardcore supporters and Mr.Prime Minister , embrace this dis mall performance as an indicator of how Malaysia has matured and its no longer viable to Barisan to lead by abnormal winning after each election. This 12th election produce the best formula on how the parliment should consist in the future , 82 seats for the opposition and 140 seats for the Barisan Government. The barisan could form government without much hassle and the oppostion is well represented . Here , posses a question of a shadow government

In terms of state government , Penang is now being led by a DAP chief minister with a prominent DAP-PKR government in penang . Kedah and Kelantan on the other hand remains PAS's fort. And Selangor is led by PKR menteri besar, dato khalid , former CEO of Guthrie.

Perak on the hand would be lead by a PAS menteri besar , although PAS own the least seat in the coalition. This is because Perak and Selangor constitution demand the menteri besar must be a malay and in the case of Perak, Raja Nazrin choice to have a PAS menteri Besar. Intially , DAP did not respond well to this( a PAS MB) and PKR were also was not satisfied because PKR got the least amount of state seats.

This is definately history in the making...................................

But , what significant does it make with opposition winning 80 seats and deniying Barisan 2/3 ???

Under the constitution , in order to pass the law , we only need a simple majority , so this means that Barisan will still get what it wants. The fact that was pointed out by Prof. Shad Al- Faruqi ( Head of Law UiTM) that passing law in the parliment is not as efficient as it suppose to be. We do not discuss the bills that meant to be passed , debates lack in substance . He also pointed out the Dewan Negara rarely debate the bills after it is passed by Dewan Rakyat. More that 2/3 of the senators are appointed by the government. So, the fact remains that OUR PARLIMENT LEGITIMATE AND NOT LEGISTATE LAWS. The parliment does not even have its own drafts man. I mention this to Ms. Ambiga, and she point out that though government will have its own way to pass bills , the opposition being opposition will certainly bring up issues and argue will the respective ministry. Eventually the RAKYAT will get to know , the Barisan credibility will be put to test in the next election. Prof Shad Faruqi pointed out that the parliament needed to be reform in order to be more effective , he also suggest that parlimentarians go through some form of training.

What are factors leading to Barisan's Dissmal performance in the 12th general election. I would like to quote tuanku Aziz on this matter ; Barisan's dismall performance due to Premier Abdullah being a rethoric person , he does not exactly turn words into action . A very good example , Abdullah pledge to fight corruption , but he did make any effort in making the Anti Corruption Agency an independent body with its own authority to bring corrupt inviduals to the face of justice. Abdullh should have declared ACA as commission , an independent body with high degree of authority. "It seems the government have got its own personel agenda in ACA and are happy with his performance",Tunku Aziz(former ethics advisor) .

after few weeks not updating this draft , i would like to say that i preety much forgoten what i wanted to write in the first place, lost my sense of direction........

ok , perak got new PAS MB and DAP got the 6 out of 10 exco seat , and 2 for keadilan and 2 for PAS. selangor appointed teresa kok as senior exco member ( equivalent as timb menteri besar) . Perlis regine appointed new MB without the endorsement of Pak LAH( he later agreed to it) . Terenganu Regent appointed his own choice as Menteri Besar ( pak lah having force to meet with the Agong regarding this matter). I personally do not agree with the Terenganu Regent choice because the New MB is not as charismatic as the one endorse by Pak LAh.

And anwar ibrahim is being published as the cover for Newsweek March 2008 edition . he is now the de facto leader of the parti keadilan rakyat ( his wife is the Malaysia opposition leader ). The grapevine is that his wife will make way for him in April by resigning as the Permatang Pauh MP thus paving way for by election. If she play the cards right , Anwar is set to become the Ketua Pembangkang Malaysia by end of June. And with the Barisan Rakyat ( PKR-DAP-PAS ) winning huge percentage of parliment seats , the opposition under Anwar might pave way for Malaysia's very own Shadow government( like the ones in UK and Aussie). Shadow government is not a new concept and has being used in Countries like UK and Aussie. it is an unofficiall line up of ministers among the opposition which will effectively evaluate policies by the government of Malaysia. Perhaps Anwar could give us a better understanding on the viability of Barisan's policy , which will increase preasure on BN to come with practical policies.

Speaking of cabinet , Pak LAh recently announce his new line up. A much Smaller cabinet with lot of radical changes. it do bring a better sense of integrity.... Pak lah Have droped Rafidah Aziz , the cabinet now have a new indian minister, dato subramaniam( after 20 years of Samy Vellu) , mantain the charismatic Azalina , appointed Sharizat as his advisor with ministerial status(though she lost the pantai parliment to anwar's daughter ) and appointed the 1st chinese lady as minister(family and women affair) . he also merge internal securities and home affairs ministry as home minister ( syed alba). PAk LAh also stress that the next four years would be implementation year , that he will stress on implementation of the super-mega projects that he launched last term.

I do want to stress that barisan's so called dismal performance is not entirely his fault , just that his approach was not right and the people simply wanted a better opposition in the parliment . Pak LAh , in a way did encourage higher level of freedom of speech , better press. Some say that , Pak LAh was influence by the wrong advisors ; the Barisan Election campaign for once did make use a lot of television airtime and press space( this acctually irritated the RaKyaT ) . Anyway let by gones be gones , it is about time that we all mature , not only in terms of political but also on how to accept defeat.

Lets give Pak Lah our outmost support because I do believe that He IS a NOBLE man with THE NOBLE INTENTION TO SERVE THE COUNTRY AS BEST AS POSSIBLE( through politics ). He deserve this 2nd chance ........i really think that he really want to make a difference.

Anyway , i would like to say that the public forum on palimentary reforms organizes by taylorz law school and chaired by Ms. Ambiga Sreenivasan and attended by panelist such as Tuanku Aziz ( former UN advisor on integrity ) , Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi( uitm law prof) , Prof Leopold( uni. Reading head of law school) has been a great source of reference and insipered me to write this piece.

THis piece of my thought is not anti establishment in nature and neither i am like those blogger whom mock the government under the name of blogging!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

2008....soUTH AUssie mAtrIx

ok....juz posting this for the sake of posting this....

2008....wanna welcome this year with high hopes that i will pass my SAM with flying colors. for all those out there, SAM stands for South Australian Matriculation. Year 2008 is a very important year..mainly because of SAM. SAM is a pre-uni qualification..JPA made me do it ...and i am doing SAM-actuarial science and the irony is that i will be pursuing an accoutancy degree in australia.

So, i have to take specialist maths...its name decribe itself, its a very 'special maths' and to add to its 'specialness' , most of the exercise in the text book is quite easy..but when in the exam ... its mind boggling..i mean the question they depth question..sometimes no clue how to do it also. so i am counting on Miss. Logesh( my spec maths lecture) to help me overcome this barrier which seperates me and my australian dream. i hope having to take specialist maths(instead of legal studies, they do not really need spec maths for accoutancy in aussie) will bring greater benefit in the future.

other than specialist maths , i have to take maths studies , economics , accoutancy and ESL(english as 2nd language). Maths the normal maths...and nothing much to say about it.

ESL , i do not know why they call it english because they do not really test our english language , instead they test us on our ability to read , process , analyze and report information( sounds more like accouting process rite??). I quoted this from Mr.Kevin...the coolest male lecture around.

Economics on the other hand is the most interesthing of all , its really nice to know all those stuff i learn in economics , help u understand the world around us.maybe shall post something about economics in the next post .

Last but nt least , accountancy , well accounts is accounts and no matter wat , i am going to make a living out of it. I have the best accounts teacher around Ms. Alicia C.P.A.( cool name rite) , i mean she is really good , she help me clear my doubts on the qualitative aspect of accounting. A day in taylorz is not complete without her motivating us, i mean she constantly motivates us( i am not being sarcastic here) and she constantly fire us ;inside , out , left , right , up down , she fires us from all direction with the same magnitude burn the entire KLCC . (all for the good reason , i do not blame her , i mean we do not even know simple concepts...JPA scholars are such scatterbrains!) .

ALL this 5 subjects is wat SAM is all about... SAM - a demanding programme that requires us to have a body and heart of steel. And doing it in taylorz requires even more determination and peseverence because of all the distraction in taylors... i mean like friends ...all those good looking gurls( really have to mention this , wanna pay tribute to gods creation). hopefully , i will go through SAM gracefully , without any major hiccups or anything that jeopardize my chances of securing that flight ticket to aussie.

g A j A n

Monday, February 11, 2008

JPA scholaR - taylorian....2007..SAM??!!*~!

it has been ages since i post to my own blog.......

time pass by so damn a blink of eye is already 2008...

before i welcome 2008 and the year of rat,i would like to take this oppurtunity to highlight the highlights of 2007!

1st of all ....manage to obtain 11 A's in my SPM( Malaysian Education Certificate)

then....manage to get hold of three scholarships....which is the prestigious JPA scholar....the MOE scholarship....and Not to forget the Tenaga Scholarship

Both JPA and Tenaga scholarship are meant for Accountancy in Aussie....but i choose JPA scholarship because i felt i am better of being a JPA scholar then a Tenaga scholar.....futhermore the Tenaga lady told me that if the scholarship i reject would be given to another indian( I suppose so )

THe MOE scholarship is meant for bachelor of science ( chemistry ) in the United Kingdom...had to reject it.......

2nd ...i got to enroll myself in SAM at Taylor's a proud taylorian....also get to be in the college where they breed all the good looking gurls. I have to mention that being a scholar does not improve my chances at all ( hope those out there get wat i mean ). but, 'wat the hell' i have the entire continent(aussie) waiting for me. Anyway, i am on my toes right now trying to make time to catch with my SAM , they don't called it self assination matriculation for nothing.....

the 2nd half of last year was spent in in taylors was not all smooth had its hiccups...but manage to catch on....thank god for that!! got to spent time with my beloved cousin ( one of the best corneo transplant surgeon...acctually one of the very few in the country) with her lovely daughters.

then came december...december was havoc coz went back.... drove my dad nuts as usuall....
manage to earn a lump sum working for the taylorz the job...hope its a good omen...u know...being successfull in my 1st job.

in a nuthshell....2007 ....was life changing year...never in the world i thought i would end up doing accoutancy. and never in the world i thought , i would be a scholar bound for the land of the kangaroos. hope the 2008 would unleash my potentiol, hope i secured the plane ticket headed for aussie before next february..