Thursday, February 28, 2008

2008....soUTH AUssie mAtrIx

ok....juz posting this for the sake of posting this....

2008....wanna welcome this year with high hopes that i will pass my SAM with flying colors. for all those out there, SAM stands for South Australian Matriculation. Year 2008 is a very important year..mainly because of SAM. SAM is a pre-uni qualification..JPA made me do it ...and i am doing SAM-actuarial science and the irony is that i will be pursuing an accoutancy degree in australia.

So, i have to take specialist maths...its name decribe itself, its a very 'special maths' and to add to its 'specialness' , most of the exercise in the text book is quite easy..but when in the exam ... its mind boggling..i mean the question they depth question..sometimes no clue how to do it also. so i am counting on Miss. Logesh( my spec maths lecture) to help me overcome this barrier which seperates me and my australian dream. i hope having to take specialist maths(instead of legal studies, they do not really need spec maths for accoutancy in aussie) will bring greater benefit in the future.

other than specialist maths , i have to take maths studies , economics , accoutancy and ESL(english as 2nd language). Maths the normal maths...and nothing much to say about it.

ESL , i do not know why they call it english because they do not really test our english language , instead they test us on our ability to read , process , analyze and report information( sounds more like accouting process rite??). I quoted this from Mr.Kevin...the coolest male lecture around.

Economics on the other hand is the most interesthing of all , its really nice to know all those stuff i learn in economics , help u understand the world around us.maybe shall post something about economics in the next post .

Last but nt least , accountancy , well accounts is accounts and no matter wat , i am going to make a living out of it. I have the best accounts teacher around Ms. Alicia C.P.A.( cool name rite) , i mean she is really good , she help me clear my doubts on the qualitative aspect of accounting. A day in taylorz is not complete without her motivating us, i mean she constantly motivates us( i am not being sarcastic here) and she constantly fire us ;inside , out , left , right , up down , she fires us from all direction with the same magnitude burn the entire KLCC . (all for the good reason , i do not blame her , i mean we do not even know simple concepts...JPA scholars are such scatterbrains!) .

ALL this 5 subjects is wat SAM is all about... SAM - a demanding programme that requires us to have a body and heart of steel. And doing it in taylorz requires even more determination and peseverence because of all the distraction in taylors... i mean like friends ...all those good looking gurls( really have to mention this , wanna pay tribute to gods creation). hopefully , i will go through SAM gracefully , without any major hiccups or anything that jeopardize my chances of securing that flight ticket to aussie.

g A j A n

Monday, February 11, 2008

JPA scholaR - taylorian....2007..SAM??!!*~!

it has been ages since i post to my own blog.......

time pass by so damn a blink of eye is already 2008...

before i welcome 2008 and the year of rat,i would like to take this oppurtunity to highlight the highlights of 2007!

1st of all ....manage to obtain 11 A's in my SPM( Malaysian Education Certificate)

then....manage to get hold of three scholarships....which is the prestigious JPA scholar....the MOE scholarship....and Not to forget the Tenaga Scholarship

Both JPA and Tenaga scholarship are meant for Accountancy in Aussie....but i choose JPA scholarship because i felt i am better of being a JPA scholar then a Tenaga scholar.....futhermore the Tenaga lady told me that if the scholarship i reject would be given to another indian( I suppose so )

THe MOE scholarship is meant for bachelor of science ( chemistry ) in the United Kingdom...had to reject it.......

2nd ...i got to enroll myself in SAM at Taylor's a proud taylorian....also get to be in the college where they breed all the good looking gurls. I have to mention that being a scholar does not improve my chances at all ( hope those out there get wat i mean ). but, 'wat the hell' i have the entire continent(aussie) waiting for me. Anyway, i am on my toes right now trying to make time to catch with my SAM , they don't called it self assination matriculation for nothing.....

the 2nd half of last year was spent in in taylors was not all smooth had its hiccups...but manage to catch on....thank god for that!! got to spent time with my beloved cousin ( one of the best corneo transplant surgeon...acctually one of the very few in the country) with her lovely daughters.

then came december...december was havoc coz went back.... drove my dad nuts as usuall....
manage to earn a lump sum working for the taylorz the job...hope its a good omen...u know...being successfull in my 1st job.

in a nuthshell....2007 ....was life changing year...never in the world i thought i would end up doing accoutancy. and never in the world i thought , i would be a scholar bound for the land of the kangaroos. hope the 2008 would unleash my potentiol, hope i secured the plane ticket headed for aussie before next february..