Monday, August 24, 2009

PBA asignment

okay i damn stressed up. coz i suppose to do my bpa asignment now. i got no idea wat my bpa asignment suppose to do.

my question is :

" the impact of infomation needs on the accounting profession since the article was published"

well the article is entitled " the impact of tecnology having on the accounting profession" which was written in 1990 .

okay i think i approach it this way.

1) who need the infomation? in the case is accountant and bussinessmens.

2) what do they want info about?? the company perfomance , profit..transactions ...etc

3) who is responsible for providing this info ? acccountant

the article given tells the impact of technology in 1990s . and obviosly much have changed till now...hence i think i will elaborate on tht based on the the questions above.

some info i found :

85% of companies in US are small firms who did not afford an accountant. then intuit came up with quickbooks. quickbooks appealed to this firm as it was so user friendly hence they manage to capture a market which now account 70% of its market share. I found this in a book which talk abt distruptive technologies . it is entitled "the innovator's dillema by clayton M. christeen

i found tht book rather interesthing as it talks abt distruptive tech. and the notion of keeping things simple but not simpler. shall read it when i am free.