Thursday, July 23, 2009


Finally , after months of procrastinating and delays i am writing this. I nt sure why the hell i took so long to acctually write a post for my own beloved blog. 1st of all , wanna wish my blog happy buffday ( a belated one) ; my blog was born on 4th july 2006 , that means it been 3 years already.....not bad....and thankz also to my english teacher who introduced me to my blog. her name was ms fei(can nt recall real namelah , bt she malaylah) . Apart from this blog , i also got my 1st email on this date . And my 1st email was send to my cousin in Adelaide , when i was form 5. Sorrylah ,did not have computer back home then. My 1st actual encounter with computer was in mrsm for computer science subject which i did excel , not bad for someone who came from a non computer background.

soory , got carried away with my memories of the past. turning back and looking at the past gives me immense pleasure .......mind you , i have not achieved anything so far. perhaps , it is a feeling of gratitude to my parents and their prayers and also god. But yeah come to think of it , it never cross my mind that i be pursuing accountancy at all especially here( location nt reveled coz of security reasons) . I alwayz thought i do well in SPM , get into Matriculation , work my ass and get into Medicine in public University . Till now , if someone give me an option , i rather do medicine. BUT accountancy was MY CHOICE , it was i who call the shots , i am the one who made the decision . TRUE , certain circumstances lead me to that choice . BUT yeah , life is about choices and we have the power to make choice ,. The word is 'volition' if i nt wrong.

...........................................(thinking wat to write)....................................................

Well a recall to my alma mater and my facebook inbox have finally sparked a thought on wat to write. I just wanna to highlight that the govt recently reverse the decision to teach mathematics and science in english to malay. Tht means , in 2012 onwards , maths and science would be thought in malay. Hence , I WELCOMED THIS DECISION !!! i never really agreed to change the teaching to english in the 1st place. IT simply was the wrong solution for the lack of profiency in english among Malaysian . If u wanna increase english profiency , u should increase english contact hours and maybe introduce litereature in primary level( mind u , it not need be shakespear , u can make the kidz read harry potter instead). The point is science and maths are technical subjects , it is best to teach in language where students and teachers most comfortable of. It is vital to remember most kids especially the malay and chinese kids do nt speak english at home. English therefore is strictly a 2nd language for them. A lot of people are very suprised regarding my view about this. People think i will object government decision to revert.

Regarding this , i also like to point out something. A lot of urbanites especially the chinese and Indian have expressed dissatisfaction of this. Well , i got something to say , you push for abolishment of vernacular schools in Malaysia . Then maybe it is fair for you to express dissatisfaction. I always seen vernacular schools as the biggest barrier in promoting unity in Malaysia. Hence , abolish it. Wat about mother tongue ??? well , i believe the government should and must make it compulsory for all primary Chinese and Indian kids to take Chinese and Tamil as their subject. Hence , there is no need to have good for nothing moral studies in primary level.

This particular issue of vernacular schools have always been in my mind. I get extremely annoyed when certain group decide to have conversation in their mother tongue when there is someone whom does not understand it is in that group . PEOPLE , THT IS UTTER RUDENESS AND where is YOUR MENACE ???? why did this occur , because of existence of vernacular schools. IN vernacular schools , u very likely to mix with your own race . Hence u become ignorant on this petty issue of what is regarded as rude. I not targeting any particular race , but yeah , i just wanna say that in a position of power , i will definitely do away with vernacular schools but insist on mother tougue subject be made compulsory in primary level.

Lastly , i would like to add that i do hope my views on this be taken account especially to my friends who will end up in position of power someday. I am not targeting any particular group of people , but yeah , i think greatest barrier of unity in MALAYSIA is the very existence of vernacular school. I proposed for a ONE SCHOOL SYSTEM . Whereby all MALAYSIANS , go to one school from standard one till form five. ONE SCHOOL !!!


nur khairunnisa mohd azuhar said...

my old blog which miss fei asked us 2 do already in grave
but congrate 2 u 4 still having them.

Jacyn said...

Agreed. I dunno where my old blog went too.. By the way, I DON'T agree with your views.. Don't you think that studying science and maths in English enables you to use references and international books directly? Without having to go through the trouble of translation and everything?